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This piece was my attempt to depict the Alcazar of Segovia, Spain.  There are approximately 100 separate pieces of various woods that were inlayed into a base wood.  Much of the inlay of the castle is mahogany, and all the windows were made with black ebony from Africa.  For each window a cavity is routed with an end mill the precise size of the window.   Each window is coated with glue and then pressed into the cavity with some material left above the base.  The excess material is sanded with several grades of abrasive for a flush fit.  I used several coats of Deft for the final finish. 



2 comments on “THE ALCAZAR

  1. Atta Eckardt
    April 11, 2009

    This is one of my all-time favorite pieces. The detail is just amazing. Is this an existing castle?

    • gourdguy
      April 11, 2009

      Hi Atta, I’m glad you like my castle as I do. Yes, it is an existing castle in Segovia, Spain. The first reference to this castle was in 1120. It was first built as a fortress, but has served as a royal palace, a state prison, Royal Artillery College, and a military academy since then. Your mother and Warren have been there. The other castle on my list of breathtaking places is the Alhambra in Granada. It was built by Moorish rulers in the mid-1300’s. Tenia and I visited it in 1995.

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