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The art center in my small town was raising money for some occasion and they invited anyone to make various objects of art to be auctioned to the highest bidder.  I called my daughter and told her that I had built a bird church for the event.  She requested that I outbid the others in order to save the church.  That is what I did, but ended up paying $100.00 for the bird church that I built!  The church is made of several types of hardwoods.  There are faux windows in front and on the sides.  There are flower pots with wooden flowers.  When opening the front door, there is a small wooden bird to greet you.  In back there is a door with a sign that reads, Bird Bathroom, and another sign that reads, Out of Order. 



2 comments on “BIRD CHURCH

  1. sartenada
    November 5, 2009

    Cool bird church!!!

    • gourdguy
      November 5, 2009

      Thanks Sartenada,

      I love your silent people!

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