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Castles have been my fascination for as long as I can remember.  This castle is one of several that I have done in one form or another.  Much of my art with gourds has been to use the gourd surface as a canvas, but in this piece I decided to construct the castle by using six different gourds in the process.  Much of the detail was done with a burning tool (pyrography).



2 comments on “GOURD CASTLE

  1. Theresa Spears
    February 11, 2010

    Mr. Worwick (Earl) thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work. I have so enjoyed scanning through these lovely pieces and hope to be 1/8 the artist you are. Thanks again. We will see you soon.
    Theresa Spears
    Iris Rhunae

    • gourdguy
      February 11, 2010

      It was a pleasure talking with you yesterday and I’m excited that you plan to visit me in the near future. I have many items that aren’t on my blog which you will probably enjoy seeing. As you know, photos are not like seeing the real thing. I am simply Earl with no need for any handle! I’m looking forward to meeting you and anyone else that you care to bring with you.

      Best regards,

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