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This summer I became interested in studying the social ways of paper wasps (umbrella wasps).  I decided to observe them from the inception of nest-building near my front door.  In noticing the beauty of these creatures, it struck me that I might be able to simulate a wasp by constructing an up-scale version.  I selected a banana gourd for the abdomen which turned out to be about 13 times the size of a real wasp.  From there it was a matter of scaling the other parts to that ratio.  I used a jewelry gourd for the head and another small gourd for the thorax.  The legs I made of leather with a small-diameter rod running the full length of each one for rigidity.  For the wings I used 1/32″ clear plastic which I detailed with a Sharpie permanent marker.  Of course I had to include a stinger.  Extension springs hold the body parts together and allows them to swivel.  The wasp is about 16″ square.


2 comments on “MADAME WASP

  1. carmalita collier
    April 14, 2009

    The “ugly” pumpkin fascinates me forever and I adore that old chicken (Fowl Play) that has been caught by the hand. But this Madam Wasp frightens me even though I know she is not alive, it seems that she will attack me at any moment. She is so real that actually I am afraid of her. Carmalita

  2. gourdguy
    April 14, 2009

    Thank you so much for your comment Carmalita. I’m sorry that you feel a bit uneasy around some of the pieces. But what that means to me is that I have succeeded in making some of them lifelike!

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