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What inspired me to build a birdhouse was my intention to include a clear front that would expose some of the interior.  I also wanted to install a small light of remote control.  I gave the inside plenty of ventilation by drilling 50 holes covered with wire mesh.  The house is installed on my porch with little chance of any bird building in it.  I did have a couple Carolina wrens roosting inside for several nights.  It turns out to be more of a conversation piece as I click the light on and off from my living room.  For this photo, the birdhouse is sitting on one of my upside-down cedars.  



2 comments on “UPTOWN BIRDHOUSE

  1. carmalita collier
    April 16, 2009

    You have not told us on the blog about your upside down trees. A few details, please.

    • gourdguy
      April 16, 2009

      Carmalita, I guess that any discussion about the upside-down cedars will have to wait till I can finish uploading the art work. After all, there is nothing I have done to the cedars other than set them in the ground with the roots upward. It is artistic in a strange way and people seem to like them.


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