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Ladybug in Combat Boots

The ladybug was made from sawing a small gourd in half and sealing the open end with a strip of walnut.  The baby bug was made with a jewelry gourd.  Both bugs have magnets installed.  The shoes were made by sawing a jewelry gourd in half.  The legs of the mama bug are 1/4″ walnut dowels.


2 comments on “Ladybug in Combat Boots

  1. betsi salter
    November 12, 2010

    Great fun seeing your vivid collection of sophisticated art work. Your bugs have much more personality than your snakes! Love this duo. Thanks again for the personal tour you led for Ernie, Helen, Marjorie and me. Wishing you God’s best………Betsi

    • gourdguy
      November 12, 2010

      Thank you so much Betsi, it was such a pleasure having you nice people visit my place. I loved every minute of your time here. I’m still sorry that my art in snakes is viewed as the real thing by some! I hope I get to see you again one of these days. Give my best to Helen and Ernie.

      Best regards,

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