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Spider and Bird

The leg span is about 18 inches.  The cephalothorax was made of a pear-like gourd and the abdomen of a small dipper gourd.  I used flock to cover the abdomen.  The legs, pedipalps, and spinnerets are made of leather.  There is a 1/16th brass rod embedded in the full length of each leg and covered with a thin strip of leather.  The chelicera and fangs are made of plastic but the jaws are covered with flock.   The bird is made of parts from gourds which was an afterthought.  The bird is attached to the base by a magnet, so it can be removed and put on the fridge door if desired.


2 comments on “Spider and Bird

  1. Lo
    October 19, 2011

    Earl – I had to come to your blog to see the images. Still can’t get them off email. Wow!

    • gourdguy
      October 19, 2011

      Thanks for checking my blog. I guess you had a gut feeling that I had published it on gourdguy. This one is better than the one I sent you because the personal one did not include the bird.

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