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Gourd Angel

My friend asked me if I might make an angel out of gourds for her aging mother who is infatuated with angels.  I had an idea as to where I might start, but had little confidence.  After lots of searching for the several types of gourds and gourd parts I would need, I finally decided I would give it my best shot.  Over a period of four days I had finally finished it to my general satisfaction.  The face is an egg gourd, her hair is a larger egg gourd, her robe (body) is a people gourd, her arms are the ends of dipper gourds, her hands are pieces of dipper gourds fit inside the arms, the umpteen feathers on both the inside and outside of the wings took forever in making the barbs.  Her head swivels 360 degrees and is removable.  She looks a bit Korean because of the round face, but I’ve known many Asian angels! 

Angel 1



One comment on “Gourd Angel

  1. Rita
    March 1, 2013

    Glorius – as in Glory Glory Glory!

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