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A Beautiful Day for Sightseeing!

Sightseeing Passengers 1

Pedro Gonzales, the main driver of Border Tours is on his way to the Arizona border with eight happy passengers and their hair blowing in the early-morning breeze.   Below is an explanation of how the bus and the passengers were conceived and constructed:

  • The bus body was made from a long gourd that I grew many years ago.
  • Passengers and the driver were made from jewelry and small banana gourds.
  • Fenders were made from pieces of a medium-size gourd.
  • The headlights and rearview mirror holders are jewelry gourds.
  • The front bumper is a piece of a medium-size gourd.
  • The lenses and the rearview mirror are miniature mirrors.
  • All five tires were made by slicing rings from a “people” gourd.
  • All five wheels were made from black walnut.
  • The hubcaps are made from pieces of jewelry gourds, plus the center of each hubcap is a 10mm cabochon of brown jasper.
  • The dashboard and hood is an assembly of hardwoods.
  • The chassis is a sheet of ¼” poplar with running boards.
  • The steering wheel was made from a gourd part.  The horn button is a 10mm cabochon of garnet.
  • The cabin is readily removable from the chassis.
  • The passengers can rotate 360 degrees.
  • The overall length of the bus from front bumper to the rear spare tire is 18 inches.

Vaya con Diós!

Passengers plus DriverSteering Wheel


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