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F6F Hellcat Fighter of WWII

This is my rendition of the famous fighter Hellcat plane that made a name for itself during WWII.  My brother was a plane captain on the USS Lake Champlain carrier where he worked with F6F Hellcats.  In memory of my brother, I attempted to simulate the Hellcat with gourd parts and a few pieces of wood.

 Important Details:

    The tops of the wings, the fuselage, the cowling, the tail and rudder, the three wheels, the three propeller blades, and the pilot and his helmet are all made of gourds.
    The instrument panel is made of wood and plastic. It has six simulated 50 caliber machine guns on the wings.
    The overall length of the plane is ~13 inches.

Putting all of these pieces together was a veritable nightmare!  I purposely did not paint the entire plane because I wanted some of the actual gourd parts to be visible.

 Of note:
The Hellcats were credited with destroying 5, 223 enemy aircraft during WWII. My hope is for some WWII pilot or plane captain of Hellcats to visit my blog and comment on what I created.

Hellcat 4


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