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Toilet Paper Holder

I have a bathroom that does not have a convenient place to mount the toilet paper, plus I have known people who insist that the paper be mounted in its fixture a certain way.  I decided to solve both of those problems by mounting the fixture on a drawer slide that makes it telescopic.  The holder rotates 360 degrees, but locks in two positions by the use of magnets which satisfies those finicky people who care about how the tissue is hanging.  This assembly is mounted on the side of the cabinet and quite accessible.  The tissue hangs from the rear or from the front depending on the position of the holder.  After having designed this, I learned that Curtiss Batts in Texas had gotten two patents on a product called, “Tilt-A-Roll.”  His did not include the telescopic feature that mine did, nor did it include magnets that help stabilize the position.  Curtiss admitted that my design was quite interesting!  I later added inserts that are installed in the ends of the toilet paper that reduces the space between the toilet paper I.D. and the smaller spindle.

Toilet Paper Holder

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