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Gourd Man

The face was made with a gourd that I grew many years ago.The hair was made by shaping another gourd that would fit the head.  It is removable.  By removing the hair, you can see some of the hardware, plus you could use that cavity as a secret hiding place. The eyes were made by etching away some of the epidermis and coloring the three parts. A clear varnish was used as a finish. The nose is removable.  I’m sorry for the shape! The ears were made by sawing a “jewelry” gourd in half and shaping them. The shirt was made from a piece of a “people” gourd. The base was made from a piece of Macassar ebony.  This exotic hardwood comes from Southeast Asia.  It is very dense and is used in making fingerboards for expensive guitars, plus many other uses.

Gourd Man

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