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Gourd Vase and Flower

The vase is the neck of a dipper gourd.  The flower that resembles a tulip was made with parts from three different egg gourd.  The leaves were cut from a … Continue reading

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Gourd Man

The face was made with a gourd that I grew many years ago.The hair was made by shaping another gourd that would fit the head.  It is removable.  By removing the … Continue reading

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Toilet Paper Holder

I have a bathroom that does not have a convenient place to mount the toilet paper, plus I have known people who insist that the paper be mounted in its … Continue reading

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Driftwood Sculpture

My cousin found a piece of driftwood in the Pacific Ocean and decided to keep it for many years.  Recently she asked me if I would consider doing  something with … Continue reading

July 18, 2013 · 8 Comments

Vase and Flowers of Gourds

This project required about 15 gourds of which most were egg gourds.  For the tulips it was fitting gourds inside gourds with openings being created with a diamond wheel on a … Continue reading

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Old Man Gourd at the Fireplace

The Old Man is shown with some of his favorite items; the musket of cedar and his favorite goblet and cup.  These two items were difficult to make in that I had trouble … Continue reading

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F6F Hellcat Fighter of WWII

This is my rendition of the famous fighter Hellcat plane that made a name for itself during WWII.  My brother was a plane captain on the USS Lake Champlain carrier … Continue reading

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